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Corporate Culture

Owned and operated by Susan Smith, Registered Nurse, Home Health Resources is a local company, based in Houston, Texas.  Unlike a franchise, HHR was built from the ground up, with Susan performing all of the nursing visits the first year of operation.  Having been "in the field" for almost 8 years as a home health nurse and then Branch Manager for Memorial Hermann Home Health, Susan is intimately aware of the challenges, and rewards, of home health care.  She understands a day in the life of a home health professional, and operates HHR with those memories at the forefront of each and every decision.  Susan continues to work at the agency daily, overseeing the operational, clinical, and financial health of HHR.

Being an employee of HHR means you are valued as an individual, and not just a number on the payroll.  Our goal is that each and every member of the team, from the Receptionist to the Home Health Aide, understands the goals of the organization, receives training and communication in order to do their very best work, and feels confident in their ability to contribute to the success of the organization.  We have an "Open Door" Policy, where any member of the organization can access a manager for support at any time, be it professional or personal.

Over the years, Susan has been joined by her adult children in the management of HHR: Daivd Smith, Chief Financial Oficer and head of Marketing; Diane Christensen, Assistant Administrator and Controller; Carolyn Franco, Director of Human Resources, and Sara Campbell,  Medical Records Manager.  HHR is truly a "family" business, with the average tenure of our employees between 10-15 years of service.  We are proud of that record, and proud of our staff.